About Davide.

/ Davide Pagliardini  was born in San Marino, a small independent republic in the middle of italian territory, in 1989. He studied in Milan, where he attended the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, growing his passion for everything that concerns the world of communication. He co-founded Trinocle and then worked as freelance in the area of graphics and illustration, held several workshops and also teaches in some universities.

/ The passion for lettering and motion design brings him to co-found Uovo Lab, creative studio specialized in mixed-media video and compositions which have particular attention on the handcraft aspect of the creation process.

Motion Graphics, Brand Identity, Illustration, Lettering & Graphic Design.

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Visit our studio website: Uovo Lab


/ I’m also collaborating with lots of awesome studio for stuff like this: Happycentro, Rocketpanda, Moving Dots and more…



  • “CA 2020 Award of excellence” Communication Arts Typography Annual



  • “Annual Awards 2019” Autori di Immagini
  • “Annual 2019” Premio Illustri



  • “Annual Awards 2018” Autori di Immagini
  • “Skateart: From object to the artwork” by Romain Hurdequint



  • “Annual Awards 2017” Autori di Immagini
  • “Scripted. Custom Lettering in Graphic Design” by Sandu Publishing
  • “Skate, Surf & Art” by Carolina Amell
  • “SSFF. Skate & Surf Film Festival” at Base, Milano, 2017
  • “Uncovered” Magazine by Wood’d Design



  • “Look here and smile” Livorno, Galleria Buzz Kill, 2016 Collective
  • “Filler Winter Edition” Milano, 2014 • “COLLA-COLLA, prototipi & esperimenti” Spazio Ex-Ansaldo, Milano, 2014
  • “Font Festival” Teatro officina Refugio, Livorno, 2014
  • “Filler Winter Edition” Milano, 2015
  • Exhibition and live painting for NorthShore at Spazio Vogh, Milano, 2015
  • “Carta, Forbici, Sasso”, Pesaro, 2015
  • “CTL. Calligrafia, Tipografia e Lettering” Milano, Ravenna, Roma, 2015
  • “SSFF. Skate & Surf Film Festival” at Base, Milano, 2017
  • “Uovo alla Pop” Uovo alla Pop, Livorno, 2017
  • “Filler Spring Edition” Milano, 2018


  • Hand-Lettering Workshop at “Filler Winter Edition” Milano, 2014
  • Hand-Lettering Workshop at Black Spring, Firenze, 2015
  • Hand-Lettering Workshop at Filler Spring Edition, Milano, 2015
  • Chalkboard Lettering Workshop at LAR, Libera Accademia Roma, 2016
  • Hand-Lettering Workshop at Filler Winter Edition, Milano, 2017
  • Motion design courses at NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milano
  • Various graphic/motion design workshops at UNIRMS, Università di San Marino
  • Various graphic/motion design workshops at NID, Istituto Design Perugia