Bella Sprizz

Bella Sprizz

Brand identity

/The world of cocktails and liqueurs is soaked in typical Italian visual references: seals, custom lettering, frills and decorations. Elements sometimes meticulously finished, sometimes rough in size and color combinations. Studying the vintage Italian beverage market was essential to understand the nature of this style and build a team able to bring life to a product ready to become a classic.

 Repetitive typography matches the old-style labeling way of promoting a product. The label features a variety of custom lettering in different styles and approaches, with the main mark tridimensionality remarked by golden printing finishes.

 Bella Sprizz is an 100% vegan and organic cocktail line, made in Italy and designed for the American market. We worked on its positioning, logo design and packaging system, creating a new line which, at first glance, seems to have always existed.

Bella Sprizz


/ Client: Bella Sprizz
Creative & Art Direction: Giorgio Mininno
Art Direction & Graphic Design: Lorenzo Guareschi
Lettering & Label Design: Davide Pagliardini
CGI Production: Filippo Bello
Post Production: Alessandro Belussi