Eridania Zero

Eridania Zero

Social Campaign

Eridania, leading company in Italy for sugar production, launched the line of alternative sweeteners “Zero”.

For their Instagram account we created a series of 4 mixed media videos for 4 products, together with the agency Nimai.

Zero Liquid

The first video is about the liquid sweetener: a tasty alternative for any part of the day from breakfast to coffebreaks, and to evening relax.

Zero Tablet

The second video is for the tablet sweetener: a flavourful and classical breakfast transforms in a fipper thanks to the stop-motion, where the ball is our tablet.

Zero Sweetener bags

The tird video is for the classic sweetener bags: their box gives birth to a butterfly, symbol of lightness, who flies on the set and lands on a typical italian breakfast.

Zero Cappuccino Liquid

The fourth video is for the liquid sweetener specific for enjoying the foamy beverages, such as cappuccino: a drop travels deep, beyond the foam, for a unique taste!



/ Client: Eridania Zero

Art Direction: Nimai
Directed by: Uovo Lab (Davide Farabegoli / Davide Pagliardini)
Camera and photography: Davide Farabegoli 
VFX and compositing: Davide Pagliardini 
SFX and Soundtrack: Enrico Zavatta