Pasqua Wines

Web Commercial

/Pasqua Vigneti e Cantine is an historic winery that produces high quality Veneto and Italian wines and one of the main players in the Italian and international wine market.
In 2021 they launched a social media promotion project involving many artists. We were asked to interpret their wines with our style: a mix between photography, traditional animation and motion graphics to produce images that make statements and tell stories in an unconventional way.⁠⁠
If wine “is the Poetry of the Earth to the Heavens”, as Mario Soldati said, it is also a story, and this wine tells the love story that made Verona famous all over the world, that of the sweethearts Romeo and Juliet.
⁠Pasqua Wines asked us to give our reinterpretation of this love story with a modern twist – two hands in pursuit of each other which then reconcile over a glass of red PassioneSentimento.
Amarone Mai Dire Mai is a highly concentrated wine with great structure, elegance and strength. We interpreted this wine creating a romantic and elegant message of love from Valpolicella, mixing stop motion, live action and motion design.
Pasqua Wines asked us to find creative inspiration in the personality of #11minutesrose with its delicate rosy hues and intense and complex bouquet. ⁠⁠We are so enchanted by the bottle’s label, which pays tribute to Catullus and his odes to love, that we chose to bring some of the elements featured on the label to life.⁠⁠


Client: Pasqua Wines
Art Direction: Uovo Lab 
Directed by: Davide Farabegoli / Davide Pagliardini 
Camera and photography: Davide Farabegoli 
VFX and compositing and animation: Davide Pagliardini 
SFX and Soundtrack: Enrico Zavatta