Sacro Santo


/ Sacrosanto, which in italian means something being really true, fair and proper, could be translated in english as “sacrosanct”, “holy”, and also “indisputable”. The naming was a foundamental part of of the work: after a long research we found in this word, commom in many languages around the world, the proper name for this new streetwear brand. That is both for giving an ironic sound, seizing something religious and linking it to something “street”, and also because it is truely “sacrosanct” to protect and support the spirtit of skateboard, surf and diy, which is pure and always out-of-the-box; all elements in which the brand itself identifies with.

/ Then the trademark was developed, made up of the pictogram, two criss-crossed nails, and the logotype, a re-interpretation of a blackletter in a modern and more typo-like accent. This is how the brand Sacrosanto was born.

Sacro Santo

Illustrations & Graphics 

/ The graphic design and illustration phase was an important part of the project since, beyond the branding, here have been designed the basic collection, and also an illustrated one. The themes are all based on religion, in a very ironic and colorful tone.

Sacro Santo

Advertising & Promotion 

/ Beyond the illustration and branding phase, an important photography and video part have been developed, aimed to social-media promo, catalogues’ creation, advertising etc… The promotion, beyond the fb and ig channel, have been carried out on specialised magazines, taking part in contests and advertising on the spot, sponsoring different groups, like a skateboarding team, a surfboards’ shaper and it’s crew, local artists etc…

Sacro Santo

would like to thank: 

/ Alessandro Conti, Matteo Quaglia, Steven Cattan, Jonathan Gallo, Raffaele Schirinzi, Marco Lambertucci, Dario Federiconi (Skateboard Team), Filippo Gorrieri (owner of MTM Surfboard), Johnny Zani from Donut Skateboard, Mattia Tommasoli (filmer), the guys from Chopperlab and Kd-One (music producer)


/ Client: Minimarket

Art Direction: UovoLab (Davide Farabegoli & Davide Pagliardini)

Graphic design & illustrations: Davide Pagliardini

Photography & filming: Davide Farabegoli