Climbing Club

Solid /ˈsɑː.lɪd/, adjective:
hard or firm, keeping a clear shape. In physics, one of the four fundamental states of matter.
“The word Solid and its meanings represent the perfect union for the purpose of this project: the creation of a community of climbers who feel part of an exclusive “club”. This is achieved also through the design and build of whole-new structure which recalls a monolith, a cathedral; therefore communicating a strong visual impact thanks to the use of raw-looking materials, wide, minimal and well-enlightened spaces. All this is represented in a graphic sign, the logo of Solid Climbing Club.”
Davide Curzi, SCC Creative Director
Logo Construction
Gym outside
Logotype construction
Solid Climbing Club guideline
Solid Climbing Club logo
Solid climbing brushes
The logotype of Solid has been created from scratch: the letters have been designed expressly on purpose, and therefore they are unique and original. From these letters, a whole new font was designed, with only uppercase letters, to be used for particular usages, such as signs on the spot for: locker rooms, boulder or lead areas, restaurant, toilettes… etc.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Solid Custom type
Solid climbing brushes
To strengthen and convey the new brand Solid, we created a series of graphics which recall the world of badges and emblems: carrying around the symbol of Solid Climbing Club on a t-shirt, on a bottle, or on the chalk bag, have to become a distinctive sign, immediately recognizable. Having a gadget with one of the Solid graphics means to belong to a club, which shares some values; in our case these values are expressed with a captivating and modern graphic means.
Badge stickers
Grey badge t-shirt
Staff white t-shirt
Solid Climbing Club badge
Solid canteen
Staff black hoodies
Solid Climbing Club badge
Solid shoppers


Special thanks to Davide Curzi, who directed the project and provided all the gym photographs.
Merchandising photos: Davide Farabegoli.